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Dear Members
First of all thank you for joining the cupbux, we do a lot of the Internet industry such as, CPS,affiliate marking, eBay, server sale, etc, have many years of market experience, but we are prepared to offer for your a safe, fast, easy money make solution.

Over the pre-launch period, we provide you a favourable activity.
The top 10000 registration will be free Pioneer membership. It will be with you for the rest of your life, and members have 4 advantages compared to standard.
1 Get Free 500PTC Click
2 Free 100 Rent Referrals Trail(limit offer)
3 more upgrade and purchase Commission
4 More Direct Referrals.
5.More Rental Referrals.
What we going to do in our work?
1.Analysis and optimization cupbux program by collect customer feedback.
2.Maintenance forum and talk with members about their require.
3.Optimal advertising and help Advertiser get best Direct Referrals.
4.Answer daily customer question.
5.Add more addons and help members make more money.
6.Fast payment to members.

How Free 100 Rent Referrals works?
Its only works on pioneer members,if you do not have money or not trust us right now, you can apply for this 100 rr,try it first then pay us if you feel satisfied within 10 days,so its free your risk,i will take the risk,its for experimental purpose so its limit offer.(i will get it back if you not feel satisfied.)

You should know as a honest Admin,must work hard every day and provides the best environment and service for the user, so we provide free 10000 free pionneer, free to our customers, if you have a friend who do ptc, please tell them,10000 pionneer will end soon.

Free 10000 pioneer&Free 500 ptc credits&Free 100 referrals trial for pioneer(Limit Offer).
Guaranted min 5 ads daily to $0.01.
Earn up to $0.04per your click.
Earn up to $0.02 per referral click.
Earn up $5.00 Commision of Referral Upgrade.
Earn up to $1000 Monthly(For Upgrade).
As Low As $2.00 Min Cashout.
Payment Methods of EgoPay,Payza,Paypal,Payeer,Perfect Money. FlsL5 CLdNF

Please help,thanks : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Cupbux468


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